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Online Will & Advanced Directives

Are you prepared for the unexpected? We can help you create a plan that ensures you and your family are protected in the event that you cannot make your own decisions. We can also help you plan the distribution of your estate upon your passing.

At Pycraft Law, LLC, we understand the value of your time. We also understand that talking about scenarios in which you are no longer able to make decisions on your own can be very stressful and difficult to discuss. That is why we have created an easy-to-use process for preparing your will, durable power of attorney, designation of healthcare surrogate, living will, and HIPAA release. From the comfort of your home, you can provide us with the information we need to prepare these documents for you. After we receive this information, we will draft your requested documents and set up a time for you to meet with an attorney to discuss and execute each document. This process will save you time, money, and the initial angst of discussing intimate details with an attorney whom you may not know.

Please read the below descriptions and pricing to determine which of these planning documents you would like to request. Once you have chosen a document, please click the appropriate link to begin the process. You will first be asked to input your credit card information. The next step involves a series of questions in which you will be required to type in responses or check boxes. Be sure to have the full legal names and contact information for those individuals whom you plan to designate under these documents. Please be advised that this process will take approximately twenty to thirty minutes to complete. You will not be able to save your information or come back to it later, so be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete the form in one sitting.

Advanced Directives

“Advanced Directives” is a generic term used to cover a set of four documents designed to appoint another person to make decisions on your behalf in the event that you cannot make your own decisions. Those documents are the Durable Power of Attorney, the Designation of Healthcare Surrogate, the Living Will, and the HIPAA Release. These four documents are offered together as a package for only $300.00.

  • Durable Power of Attorney— this document authorizes another person to make financial decisions on your behalf. Your appointed “attorney-in-fact” will have the ability to transfer or dispose of your assets in order to pay your bills, endorse checks in your name, and to access your bank accounts, among other things.

  • Designation of Healthcare Surrogate— this document authorizes another person to make healthcare decisions on your behalf. Your appointed “surrogate” will have the ability to consent to medical treatment and surgical procedures if you are unable to.

  • Living Will— this document directs healthcare providers to withdraw life-prolonging medical treatment in the event that you have a terminal condition or an end-stage condition and there is no reasonable likelihood of recovery.

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Release—this document allows certain named individuals to request and receive your medical records from your doctors.

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A “Will” is a document that allows you to designate who will inherit your property upon your passing. A “simple Will” is a Will in which you desire for your surviving spouse to receive your entire estate. In the State of Florida, if an individual passes without a Will, his or her property will pass pursuant to Florida’s Intestacy Statute. A Will is very important for individuals who have been re-married or have children from previous relationships. This is due to the way these individuals are treated under the Intestacy Statute. A Will will allow you to negate the effects of the Intestacy Statute and allow you to pass your property to whom you would like to receive it. A “simple Will” can be drafted for as low as $300.00. Click here to get started on your Will!

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